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    NDS Futuracer

    News/release from Rajveer

    For those of you who remember my first demo Futuristic Racer (and also for those who don't!) here is the second version of my furutistic racing demo, Futuracer (yes, still very badly named

    Menu Controls:

    A - Proceed
    B - Go back
    Hold Up while booting - Deletes custom controls file and lets you recustomise

    Game Controls:

    Start - Reset onto track
    Select - Change View
    A,B,X,Y,L,R - Customised on game load
    Touch - Top half zooms in on view from above, bottom half zooms out

    Game Points:

    - Needs DLDI patching
    - Tested to work fine on Supercard SD, CycloDS and DS-X (yes, I have one of those -_-)
    - Still jerky rotations over some triangles
    - Cannot exit a level, so you'll have to reset the game to change level or ship

    General Points:

    - This engine is REALLY unoptimised, over the next few months I'm going to be rewriting it and totally changing it.
    - Textures were created for DS Lite, they look really bad on the old DS (sorry!)
    - This isn't F-Zero GX, but listening to it's music while playing makes it feel better (no sound in this demo)
    - I'm no graphic artist

    Thanks to:

    - All the Devkitarm and libnds people for their excellent tools
    - SausageBoy for texmex, all textures were converted using this tool
    - Lick/Melw for their file locating code, which means that the data folder can be stored anywhere on the card
    - gbadev'ers for all the help!

    What took so long?!?:

    Well, this source was actually completed around a year ago(!) but I soon realised that some methods I was using were really unoptimised. Since dev had gone too far, I would have had to rewrite the engine again. I thought I might aswell work towards a second demo, but lost interest knowing that it wasn't going to be final.

    Now I'm back at uni and I'm basing my new disso around this game again, but I'll have to rewrite core parts of the engine in the mean time, so I thought I'd post this demo now. Enjoy and let me know if there are any bugs or whatever

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    That looks mega fun, im defo gonna try this.

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    Excellent homebrew.

    Want to know how it is? think F-zero 64.

    For now, I don't see critical bugs.

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    I remeber this! And loved it!

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    Looks kinda Amiga-esque = the way I like it!

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    Very nice, the graphics are impressive. I wish commercial DS games made more of an effort with graphics. I mean, I enjoy 2D games but the DS is capable of more than that. For example Mario 64, Dementium, Crystal Chronicles and Brothers in Arms. Maybe not the most impressive games out there but the graphics are excellent.

    Sorry, what was I talking about again?

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    It works on the R4 im playing it right now its very fun

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    It works on R4DS with YSmenu.

    Really cool engine keep up the good work.

    You should make a reset when you fell over the cliff, but to appear on the same part you fell over.

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