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Thread: D-Pad Hero Brings Guitar Hero (Unofficially) To NES

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    retro D-Pad Hero Brings Guitar Hero (Unofficially) To NES

    Add another fan-made Guitar Hero-inspired creation to the pile! While the Commodore 64 version may have followed the path set by the Harmonix-developed music game more closely, D-Pad Hero drops guitar controllers altogether. D-Pad Hero, a retro "demake," uses rather simple-looking pad controls — simply press a button and one of the directional pad's axes in time with the beat — one's that appear to ramp up in difficulty rather quickly. This is a fully functioning Nintendo Entertainment System game, one that you can download and play on the emulator of your preference. As you can see in the demo video above, it's not unlike Beatmania or Dance Dance Revolution in its interface. But the stylings are totally NES. Go on, grab yourself a copy. It has "Sweet Child O' Mine"...

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    This needs more attention. Worth checking out if for nothing else than a more-than-decent NES version of Sweet Child O' Mine.

    Very interesting way of simulating the "press button and strum guitar" with just a DPAD and the A and B buttons.

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