Virtual vandalism? Yes, please. Check out this prototype for a new toy from Wii, the Wii Spray. The spraypaint can-styled casing holds a hacked up Wii controller that is used to manipulate virtual graffiti on a monitor.
The use of WiiSpray is similar of using a real spray can – sans the color and the toxic smells. All you techie heads out there can make your own by simply combining Adobe Flash, a WiiFlashServer and the Nintendo Wii® device.
The idea is that it can provide some sort of social media or public tagging spectacle to allow users all over the globe to work on the same piece of art. Best of all, you can bet there are a wide variety of colors, spray caps, and tagging techniques included.
Now if you’re either too scared to actually hit up the streets or just don’t want to harm public property, you can still get a bit of the thrill of spraypaint (almost.)

screens via comments