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Thread: The MMSX-8: Install 5.00 M33-4 the easy way..

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    Smile The MMSX-8: Install 5.00 M33-4 the easy way..

    The MMSX-8 is a universal "unbricker" class MMS (Magic Memory
    Stick) that (when combined with a Pandora Class Battery), will install
    CFW (Custom Firmware) 5.00 M33-4 onto any PSP, phat or slim.
    When using the MMSX-8 it does not matter what firmware, custom or
    official, your PSP is currently running. There is no need to
    downgrade. If you have firmware 3.52 or higher, you must have a
    Pandora’s Class Battery. If your PSP's firmware is lower than 3.52
    there are other ways to install CFW, but that will not be discussed in
    this guide and the use of a MMSX-8 is still highly recommended.
    The MMSX-8 does not just install CFW 5.00 M33-4; it comes
    loaded with additional features

    Note: This guide does not apply to PSP that house a TA-088 v3 motherboard.

    Since this is just the release it will be very basic. Proper files and such for each type PSP will be later added and a nice little guide in .pdf format will also be included.

    Start by reading this guide then download the included files and installing the needed software on your PC. All necessary files can be found at the bottom of this post.

    Included in this release are:
    13 themes (from various creators and sites, none are mine)
    CXMB 3.3 plugin
    a music plugin
    cwcheat updater and plugin
    usbversionfake plugin
    popsloader plugin
    and a screenshot plugin (hit the mute button to use)


    Connect your Memory Stick to your PC using your desired method. I suggest using a quality Card Reader/Writer due to faster speeds and more stable transfers.

    I recommend running FakeCard although it is not necessary, IMO it speeds up "fake" and "real" cards. You can format your mem stick VIA your PSP or any other method you see fit to do so.

    Run FakeCard:
    Ensure that the correct drive path is listed in the "Type In Your PSP Drive" box. Enter 5XX into the "Type In Your PSP Version" box and hit the start button down at the bottom. Follow the onscreen directions, when the DOS window dissapeares click the "CLICK ME WHEN FORMAT HAS FINISHED" button under the Start button. You're done with FakeCard now.

    Run PSPgrader v006:
    Start PSPgrader and make sure the correct path is listed in the "PSP Memory Stick" field, ensure that the box beside "Format Memorystick" is left unchecked, make sure that the entry field beside "4.01 Eboot" is left blank and click the "Inject IPL Only" button on the bottom left. When the progress box shows "All Done" click "Ok" and close PSPgrader.

    Build the MMSX-8:
    Extract all of the files from the "MMSX-8 Files" download and "copy and paste" them into the root of your memory stick (the root is the first thing you see when you open the path to your memory stick on your PC). A box should warn you that you are about to overwrite existing files click "Yes to all". When the copy is done close the window.

    Installing CFW using the MMSX-8:
    Put your newly built MMSX-8 into your PSP. Hold X while you insert your Jigkick/Pandora battery (dont let go of X for atleast 7 seconds). When the install prompt appears click "Install 5.00 M33". This process should take about 1min 45sec. It tends to hang up around 4% for a few seconds, dont freak out, its normal. When the installation is completed hit X to reboot your PSP. When your PSP is finished re-booting hit the select button to access the M33 VSH MENU and change the settings to:

    CPU CLOCK XMB - 333/166
    CPU CLOCK GAME - 266/133
    USB DEVICE - Memory Stick
    UMD ISO MODE - NP9660

    hit select to return to the xmb and save your settings. (these are just recommendations)

    Turn your PSP completely off by holding the power button up untill the green power light turns off. Then hold the Right Shoulder button (dont let go for atleast 5 seconds) while turning the PSP back on. You are now in the "M33 Recovery Menu". Under "Plugins" enable cxmb.prx [VSH]. Select "Back", select "Exit". When your PSP is finished re-booting you are done!!!

    You can change the theme if you like, there are currently 13 themes included but the last one is my fav...


    MMSX Release
    Needed PC Applications there extra apps in here that you might find useful
    OS Pandora Battery Tool this is to "softmod" a pandora battery. You must have CFW to use it and make sure to back up the eprom first

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    This might be a repost from another board, but...

    I used this method to fix my "brick" - not technically bricked, but useless sitting in my draw for a year with Official Firmware I wish I never installed Worked perfect first try, proceeded to delete various settings/extras I didn't want, upgraded to latest M33 release, 1.50 kernel addon and have got everything running like it should - SNES emu, PSX self-ripped games running.

    Thanks for this (whoever originally wrote it lol), really is as easy as the guide looks, I expected ALOT of work - partially the reason I never dare buy a Pandora Battery before.

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    I've tried this and everything is fine until the PSP actually comes into play. I try installing from the memory stick, I hold X as I insert my pandora's battery and keep it held, but nothing happens. After about 20 seconds I stop holding it and it just sits there on a black screen, doing nothing.

    I've got an original PSP and a 4gb Pro Duo Memory stick.

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