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Thread: Nintendo’s Success Unusual In Troubled Japan

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    General games Nintendo’s Success Unusual In Troubled Japan

    The New York Times reports that Nintendo is one of the few big companies in Japan not losing money.
    This caught my eye while I was searching for gaming news this morning. It’s a report from the New York Times about Nissan, Mazda, Toyota and Mitsubishi all posting losses this year.
    Here’s the gaming part:
    Over the last two weeks, sharp earnings revisions and job cuts have been announced by nearly all of Japan’s best-known companies, including Toyota, Sony, Hitachi, NEC, Hitachi and Panasonic. Toyota Motor, the world’s largest car manufacturer, on Friday forecast a net loss of 350 billion yen, or $3.8 billion, for the year, its first since 1950.
    Honda and Nintendo are among the few companies to still expect a full-year profit, but both sharply downgraded their expectations for the full year.
    Makes it all the more amazing that Nintendo is doing so well, right?

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    Hitachi must be losing bad because they made the list twice lol.

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