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Thread: Pokémon Platinum out in May

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    NDS Pokémon Platinum out in May

    via Computer and Video Games

    Pokémon Platinum, a beefed-up version of the Diamond and Pearl games that released in 2007, will have British kids shouting "I choose you, Giratina" from May 22.

    It's the same deal as with previous enhanced games, Pokémon Yellow, Crystal and Emerald - you get pretty much the same adventure, but with a host of new features and areas to explore.

    New stuff includes "new ways to play online at the Wi-Fi Plaza over the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and the ability to save your greatest victories in the Vs. Recorder."

    You'll also get to explore a "brand new Distortion World, governed by neither time nor space", which'll get little Jonny all excited in his Pokémon-branded boots.

    And then there's the appearance of Giratina in it's new "Forme", the Origin Forme. That's brilliant too, right Poké-people?

    Battle is updated, too. "An all-new Battle Frontier, a special building packed with challenges and tournaments, is accessible after defeating the 'Elite Four' and the Pokémon League Champion - the game's final boss Trainers - and gaining a ferry ticket to the Fight Area.

    "In addition, the Global Trade Station from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version has been expanded and renamed the Global Terminal, where you can check out other people's battles," explains Nintendo.

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    Oh yes Cant think of me growing up . i love pokemon .

    its so "happy" lol i llovve pokkemon

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