You can probably guess the most and least profitable platforms for a company like Activision Blizzard, but seeing the hard numbers really puts it in perspective; the Wii accounted for 15% their total profits in 2008, while PSP only made up 1%.
“World of Warcraft” might be bringing in the largest profits for Activision Blizzard, but ignoring that, the Wii was the most profitable platform for the publisher in 2008, accounting for 15% of their total profits this year.
For comparison, the profit breakdown for the other platforms were:
Wii (15%)
Xbox 360 (13%)
PlayStation 2 (13%)
PlayStation 3 (9%)
PC (4%)
DS (7%)
PSP (1%)
The rest of the 100% is, obviously, made up of “World of Warcraft” money.
The uphill battle PSP faces even with the most profitable company in video games is apparent. Sony has told us several times that 2009 will be a comeback year for the platform, but what part of that come from Activision Blizzard, if any?
What do you want to see Activision Blizzard do on Wii? What about PSP?