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Thread: graphical quizzes

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    NDS graphical quizzes

    News via nintendmax

    With the help of Timothy Bourke and incorporating my idea of geographical quiz (he says), hedgehog has made a different version of myself this time with questions about Germany and the USA .

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Sorry wraggster but thats a slightly wrong translation. I'll do it better (got it from here):

    Thanks to the work of Timothy Bourke I made 2 graphical quizzes for NDSRS.
    German States+American States

    The whole package can be downloaded at
    Just copy the included folder ndsrs on the root of your memorycard and rund ndsrs.nds
    For those who want to make their own quizzes. It is quite easy with the tools available at Jakes site and Tims site.
    If the feedback is overwhelming I'll try to add Tims work to the Import-GUI at Jakes site.
    Images are taken from Wikimedia

    For all who want to make a quiz out of svg-files themselve. With all the tools installed and knowing what to do it takes less than 30 min to make one quiz.

    Credits for NDSRS are going to Jake who made it. I just made the quizzes. Got some inspiration from CyBeRCeD (GéoDS).
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