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Thread: NES soap won't help you rescue the Princess, may help you get a date

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    GBA NES soap won't help you rescue the Princess, may help you get a date

    Videogame controllers are typically rated on ergonomics, durability, and responsiveness -- though they sometimes get a few bonus points by looking especially cool. The original NES game pad really didn't have any of those attributes going for it, but that didn't stop it from becoming a cultural icon, one that has inspired reproductions of all shapes and sizes. The latest one varies not in dimensions but in composition: it's made of soap. Yes, this controller, which sells for just $8.25, is designed for bath time fun, and what it lacks in functionality it makes up for with natural ingredients and lovely (we presume) fragrances that surely smell a good bit better than those musty hunks of discolored plastic you probably have stuffed in a box somewhere.

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    I would love one of these, though I wouldn't use it... Purely because it's more of a collectable than something you would want to scrub your armpits and stuff with. I had some cool shaped soaps when I was little (the vehicles from M.A.S.K if I remember correctly - they were either blue or greyish blue or green) and from what I remember I didn't like them because of the lumpy bits.

    It's all nice to have soaps like this, but me personally would collect one or two (if a variety of colours) as gaming collectables.

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    Very cool, and well priced too. I'd get a few. I reckon the pink phone soap on the second page of the site would be a good present for a girl.

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