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Thread: House of the Dead: Overkill devs interested in making new Virtua Cop

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    Rev House of the Dead: Overkill devs interested in making new Virtua Cop

    Listen, we're for the advancement of realism and ethical dialogue in video games just as much as the next ludo-snob, but we can't help but miss the good old days when justice -- sweet, unwavering justice -- was dealt from the glassy tip of a Light Gun. Imagine our delight when we heard tell that Headstrong Games, developer of the overcompensating peripheral-packing zombie shooter House of the Dead: Overkill, had expressed interest in revitalizing another of Sega's classic franchises: Virtua Cop.

    When pressed in a recent interview with Cubed3, Overkill producer Neil McEwen explained that Headstrong Games would "love to do Virtua Cop or another light gun game for Sega." According to McEwen, the collaboration began when Sega approached the developer with the hopes of working together on one of Sega's franchises. They ultimately settled on House of the Dead, but should the relationship continue, we might just see the return of everyone's favorite destruction-prone pair of virtual flatfeet

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    OOOR they could just port over Virtua Cop 3 to any of the current systems but sadly sega are a bunch of retards.

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    yes please, More virtua cop would be nice

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