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Thread: Melty Blood DS v0.1

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    NDS Melty Blood DS v0.1

    News via nintendomax

    This is the kind of news that I do, with a small excluded nintendomax, finally I think I have not looked at whether other sites have already homebrew. In any case djidane offers us his first release today. Melty Blood DS then what?

    Melty Blood is a DS adaptation of the Melty Blood series on Nintendo DS. Melty Blood is a series of 2D fighting game from a different set of Type-Moon Tsukihime appointed

    The beta of this game for the moment includes:
    - Character 1 (Heaven)
    - 1 arena
    - 1 Music
    For more info visit the readme, and remember that this is still a pre-release

    Notes: The Melty Blood DS directory should be placed at the root of your linker to work properly

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    I can't wait for this to be finished .

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    This is a good start, will be keeping an eye on this one. ^-^

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    Great job man.......keep working

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