News via Emurussia

The Nintendo 64 emulator for Sony PSP has been updated.

[+] Added exception handler to emulation (Chilly Willy)
[+] Made UI selection wrap at top and bottom (Chilly Willy)
[+] Cleaned up the ROM preferences (Chilly Willy)
[+] ME Audio uses CPU event (CPU event system made thread-safe) (Chilly Willy)
[+] ME Audio made conditional (Async = ME, Sync = Old Audio) (Chilly Willy)
[+] Several Custom Blends Added (Kreationz, ShinyDude100, Wally)
[+] Rewrote microcode detection to fix a couple of bugs (StrmnNrmn)
[+] Added support for LOAD_UCODE, fixes a number of rendering glitches (StrmnNrmn)
[!] Fixed an assert causing some homebrew not to run (StrmnNrmn)
[^] OSEHLE Enabled with several OSHLE commands (Small speed up)(howard0su)
[^] Improved Audio ME code (Faster with Audio on) (Chilly Willy)
[^] Use VFPU to handle more transform and lighting (StrmnNrmn)
[^] Various rendering optimisations (StrmnNrmn)
[^] Various ucodes, many games show up correctly now. (Wally)
[^] Corrected many savetypes in rom.ini (Wally)

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