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Thread: Bookr V8.0 to view PDF, CHM/HTML files

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    psp Bookr V8.0 to view PDF, CHM/HTML files

    News/release from nct2k

    Hi all,

    I've modified bookr V0.7.1 to support viewing CHM/HTML file using PSP's Internet Browser.


    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    seems to freeze up my psp after a fewpages... i have a fat (good 'ol fatty) im no programer so i have no idea, and also i still get the error of error in page* : syntaxerror: unknown filter: JPXDecode, in a pdf file, not sure if its somthign u could work on or not but yeah .. nice idea tho of reading html and stuff. keep it up ..

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    Great news, but who is nct2k? Does he/she have a homepage?

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    Do you have a version of Bookr that would work with PSP 3000 with 4.21 firmware? I got a large collection of pdf books. =(

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    I have 3000 with 5.03. I am going to try and get bookr to work.

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    Nintendo DS vs PSP for eBooks - my experience....

    Just thought I would throw this out there to anyone interested (and hopefully inspire a few tweaks in the next Bookr if I'm lucky). I have a Nintendo DS running DSReader (2007-07-17) and a PSP running Bookr 0.8.1.

    Things I prefer about the DS:
    1) Key configuration is intuitive and convenient whether left or right handed
    2) Ability to go to last saved bookmark
    3) Ability to have several books in your "library" each with its own set of bookmarks.

    Things I prefer about the PSP:
    1) The PSP's sleep mode makes resuming a book literally only take about 2-3 seconds! On the DS you have to boot & load the flashcard, select DSReader and run it, load the book... takes a good 20 seconds minimum. However, this feature is nullified if you start any other program/game between reading sessions.
    2) Highly configuration text display - background and foreground color as well as font and font size. (The default 11 point is microscopic, my old eyes prefer the 20 point.)
    3) Fast scrolling. It literally only takes seconds to scroll through 700 pages. (This feature is enhanced by the 10-at-a-time and the 1-at-a-time buttons.)
    4) Page display. (Of course this is essential for resuming since it doesn't goto the saved bookmarks.)
    5) The screen on the PSP is just sooooo much better than the DS. Higher resolution and better off-angle display make it much easier on the eyes.
    6) Bookr support many more file options - pdf, chm, htm. (I haven't tested this feature.)

    Things I would LOVE to see in Bookr:
    1) Ability to goto saved bookmarks! (Doesn't work for my .txt file that I am reading.)
    2) Better configuration options for the buttons. I can set the directional pad, but not the Square,Tri,X, and Circle. Addtionally, it would be nice to be able to customize each button to be anything in the list (next,previous,+10,-10,null, etc) - especially the NULL setting would be nice.
    3) Library option like in DSReader - thus each open file shows up in a library making switching between books easier. Also, each book needs to track its own independent set of bookmarks.

    Overall, the clear winner is Bookr! It's very, very nice, but could be dead perfect (for me) with a few minor changes. Maybe some of it is my ignorance or things I'm doing wrong?

    Anyways, I want to get a huge thank-you to Bookr's developer(s)!! It's a great program!

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