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Thread: The State of the Homebrew Scene 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraggster View Post

    The most powerful console of the next generation is a console that you can install Linux on but for most Linux is too complicated, for a short time there was quite a few BD-J Homebrew releases which used a exploit in the java on the PS3 to release games and some emulators on the PS3, this was killed off by Sony when they released a new firmware. As of this time there has been some unconfirmed reports of exploits working on the PS3 but nothing set in stone so for now the only homebrew for the PS3 is the Linux you can install. Via the PSN Store you can pay for and download PS1 games and for those who love the older releases at least its a way to play something other than PS3. The PS3 when cracked (Lets hope we get a custom firmware like the PSP) should be capable of PS2, Dreamcast, N64 and Xbox Emulators at full speed.

    related PS3 links -

    DCEmu PS3 Evolution
    Gizmodos Linux on PS3 Tutorial
    Yellow Dog Linux

    Linux is easy once you learn it. Those who say it's hard to use have only booted it a few times and got irritated by the fact that it doesn't attempt to wipe their asses like MS or Apple do.

    PS3+Linux+500GB hdd=cheap, badass computer. I may buy another for use as a workstation, as cheap as they are.

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    except when you load linux on a ps3 sony has it setup where it gimps the video card, so it get pretty limited really quick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eviltaco64 View Post
    Not exactly ogseld.
    When you softmod an Xbox you have the option of using the modded dashboard or the original dashboard.

    Also, very informative wraggster.
    I'd just like to point out that the "mod chip on a memory card" for the ps2 does not work with the latest slim model of the PS2. (did some googling...)

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