Bill Blake has released a new version of the Neogeo emulator for PS3 Linux:

Heres the details:

GnGeo is a NeoGeo emulator for Linux (and maybe some other UNIX). It use the following cpu core: - The 68k core from the Generator project by James Ponder. - Starscream 680x0 emulation library by Neill Corlett. - Raze Z80 emulator by Richard Mitton. - Z80 Mame core from the Mame project. - YM2610 Mame core by Tatsuyuki Satoh. You need to unzip the NeoGeo romset in /usr/share/gngeo in order to make it work. Please see the /usr/share/doc/packages/gngeo/sample_gngeorc for more information on how to use NeoRageX style Hotkeys. AUTHORS -------- pepone <[email protected]>

* Tue Feb 24 17:00:00 2009 Bill Blake <billb{%}ydl{*}net>
- First release for YDL 6.1

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