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Thread: Nintendo DS MAX Media Player with 4GB drive

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    Default Nintendo DS MAX Media Player with 4GB drive

    Looks like the PSP isn't the only portable gaming device in town to get a Datel MAX 4GB hard drive attachment ; the same sickos who brought our already hefty PlayStation Portable to a near unbearable size have whipped up the MAX Media Player for the Nintendo DS, which turns those empty GBA and DS game slots in your portable into some sort of multimedia monster. We're still waiting to find out exactly which codecs it supports, but what we're more concerned about is how well this thing's going to work in our DS Lite (whenever we actually wind up getting one of those).

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    I was just about to post this. Hopefully it works fine for emulation. I may have to pick one of these things up.

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    I'm interested to see exactly what is meant by "You can even use the browser to activate executable programs!"

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