via Eurogamer

Call of Duty 4 has racked up 11 million unique players since launch on Xbox Live, and over 4 million on PlayStation Network, according to Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling.

Bowling revealed the sensational figures when accepting one of COD 4: Modern Warfare's three BAFTAs in London on Tuesday night.

"I'm delighted that we just reached 11 million unique players on Xbox Live and we've got over 4 million on PSN," Bowling said, according to eyewitnesses (who'd had a bit to drink so don't blame us if the wording isn't exact).

We've confirmed with Activision that the figures relate to COD 4 alone, not the entire Call of Duty franchise.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Live has 17 million users overall, meaning two-thirds of them have played Infinity Ward's first-person shooter. The figures track all players, not just those who've played online multiplayer (necessarily so, since the word is that only 9.5 million people pay for Xbox Live Gold).

Add the untold number of players out there who haven't connected their 360s to the internet, and you get a sense of the true scale of Infinity Ward's success - and that's not even counting PC and PS3 players. As a comparison, MMO king and Activision Blizzard stablemate World of Warcraft has 11 million players worldwide (although, unlike the COD figure, these are all currently active).

Infinity Ward is currently working on a Modern Warfare sequel, due for release at the end of this year.