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Thread: PXDrum Cross-platform drum machine

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    psp PXDrum Cross-platform drum machine

    News/release from Jum

    PXDrum is a simple cross-platform drum machine.

    It uses SDL for video and sound.

    This is the first version, which runs on PSP, Ubuntu and Windows.

    If you're interested in music composing software, then check it out: (PSP Programming section).

    Any feedback appreciated

    - jum

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Thank you so much for that great Homebrew!

    A friend, who plays music with me, and me thougt about a drum machine so often..
    Now we have a perfect an inexpensive solution. Thx!

    bugs i found:
    - no more then 50 patterns in sequence possible. ("The Strokes - Is this it" needs 52. aaaaaw xD)

    - after long time using the program, you cant open the menu.. so you cant even save the song.

    sorry for my bad english.
    and thanks for that wonderhomebrew!

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    Thanks for the feedback, barely_legal

    It should not be a problem to increase the number of patterns in a sequence.

    I will look at the problem with opening the menu.

    If you have any suggestions about how to make it more useful for musicians, or easier to use, then please tell me.

    Also note that you can make songs on PC and copy them to the PSP, and vice-versa.

    I have just released version 1.1 of PXDrum, which has some minor tweaks / fixes, and which has executables for PSP, PS3 (Linux), Ubuntu and Windows. Get it at

    Wraggster: Please edit the first post to include info about the new release. Thanks

    - jum

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    I really like your drum machine, many thanks for your hard work.

    I work as a guitar teacher and was hoping to use app to help out in lessons. I really like how quick and easy it is to change tempo but was wondering if it would be possible to increase the range of tempos? Say from 50bpm to 250bpm. The maximum at the moment is 140bpm which is a bit limiting.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi Jon

    Yes it would easily be possible to change the range of BPMs, but I don't understand who would need BPM over about 160 (except maybe some hardcore bluegrass or "speedcore" music...). In any case I'll increase the maximum to 200.

    I'm also looking at using the PSP headphone remote to control playback (and maybe BPM if possible).

    You might also want to play with the "Shuffle" option (set Shuffle to 2 in the Options menu), and the "Flash on beat" option for you guitar classes.


    - jum

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    Default Setting BPM

    Due to an, um, "feature" of PXDrum, although you can set a max BPM of about 160 by clicking on the BPM bar, if you click above or below the bar, you can "fine adjust" the BPM. You can use this to set BPM up to 200 and beyond. Recommend you use with care!

    Things that have been updated for the next release:
    1. PSP headphone remote support (Stop/Start, Next, Previous)
    2. Song sequencer can use up to 100 "steps"
    3. Song can hold up to 50 patterns.
    4. PSP mouse is "slightly" accelerated, making it "sligthly" more accurate.
    5. Shuffle and VolRand (note "hit velocity" randomisation) are now shown in the Info Panel.


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    That's great, thanks!

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