morukutsu has posted an entry into the Neoflash Coding Contest:

I submit my third NDS Project.

Nickname: Morukutsu
Project name : Natura No Story
From: France
Division : NDS GAME
Original submission : YES
Support for Motion Card : NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : NO

Download :
- For Slot-1 Linkers : &

- For Slot-2 Linkers :

- Emulator Version with unlocked levels :

Note : If you can't go to the second level on slot-2 linkers, use the emulator version instead.

Installation: Select the right version corresponding to your hardware then copy it on your linker.

Description: Natura No Story is a platform game with original graphics and a dynamic gameplay.
In this demo, you can play the first 8 levels of the game.
I hope you'll like it

Controls : A to attack and B to jump. Press A many times to do a combo. You can run and attack or jump and attack. To do a special attack, press Up + A then release the buttons.

Credits :
Code & GFX : Morukutsu
Musics : Archilolo, Zoglu, Skinnix and Me
Specials Thanks : #dev-fr, Blash, Mony, Smealum, Box2D and the others !

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