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Thread: Q's Blog entry #1 - Introduction

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    Default Q's Blog entry #1 - Introduction

    Ahoy! This is your friendly forum admin Quzar. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, and now that my studies are almost over I've got time to do some slightly more in-depth musings.

    Who am I?
    22 year old white Hispanic male, a permanent resident of Miami, FL.
    Currently finishing up my studies in Pittsburgh, PA at Carnegie Mellon University; Computer Science and Philosophy (fun mix yea?).

    What should you expect from this blahg?
    Topics related to computer science and philosophy =P (write what you know about duh). More specifically, here are a number of topics I fully intend to write about (as separate entries) and hope you will all have plenty of input:

    The Myth of Beta (what does the term mean, and should it have such meaning?)
    How Hyper-Text Has Failed Us (accessibility, usefulness of digitization, ...)
    How We Have Failed Hyper-Text (lack of new content, ignorance of standards, ...)
    Early Childhood Computer Education (computers are taught as tools as opposed to a medium)

    and of course some more game related issues (I'll let you figure out what they might mean for yourselves):

    Games For All Senses
    Home Theater vs. Video Game Console
    Hi-Def Consoles: Then and Now
    2 or 4 Ports, The Designers Dilemma

    Hope these will be interesting for some of you. Let me know if you want to see any before others.

    'Til next time.
    If anyone is looking to buy, sell, trade games and support a developer directly at the same time, consider joining Goozex. Enjoy!

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    ooh very cool, nice to hear from others

    i cant wait to be back in florida although the dollar vs pound rate makes my holiday very expennsive

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    Current exchange rate: $1 US = 71p
    Reverse: £1 = $1.40 US

    In short, the exchange rate fails totally right now.

    Aside from that, you've got a blog thread rolling huh? Let's wait and see what you come up with next!

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    Oh no a Spainish in Florida thats totally UBER quzar totally UBER. LOL jks

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