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Thread: Dragon Ball Evolution

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    psp Dragon Ball Evolution

    Newly released today:

    Dragon Ball, one of the manga/anime series that represents Japan is now a well known franchise throughout the world.

    Produced under the direction of Hollywood filmmakers, the anime/game has become a live action movie, and this is the first fighter which adapts this movie style.

    All characters from the movie enter the battle roster, and because it follows the rhythm of the live action movie, battles are fast paced with dazzling graphics.

    New skills and battles that never existed in the original are included for your enjoyment, experience the new fighting styles in the movie in all the different game modes.

    Locations in the movie are re-created in the game as a background during scenes, battles and events, this is the Dragon Ball Evolution that you can participate in and more.

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    that game is a lie

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    this game deserves to be pirated because it sucks and the movie sucks i saw a few days ago and it worse than the very old live action dragon ball movies that came out in the late 80's one of them was chinese and the other was either korean or thai but this new dragonball evolution is an absolute disgrace to both the anime and the manga.

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    I actually liked the movie, and the game

    Granted I pirated them both, but I'll definitely by them in April when they come out

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