Newly released today:

This is the tale of you and I who are brought up by this land.

The hugely popular farming simulation series continues on the Sony PSP

The stage is set in Sugar village which is threatened by Leisure Land Building Corporate. To reject the proposals of building large scale leisure facilities from interfering with the village's unique way of life, you have to enliven it with farming and livestock cultivation and create a better future for it.

There are 16 ways to rescue the village, follow all of the routes in this multi-story, multi-ending game. The end of the game is the start of your life, this game does not really end, for you are free to carry on developing your farm in peace after you have wrestled it from the hands of the corporation.

The best part of the farming simulation, the dating adventure is tightly interwoven into the fun. Send presents to the girls you like and win dates. Marry her when her affection level for you reaches a certain height, but beware, competitors for the girls' affections are in the village as well, stay on your guard and don't let them interfere.

Get involved in horse races with mounts from your stables and unearth minerals and crystals, there are loads of activities you can get into besides the usual farming. Immerse yourself totally into this cute adventure which you actually make something instead of breaking them.