Prince Gohan has posted an entry in the Neoflash Coding Contest:

Nickname: Prince Gohan
Project name : Balloon Pop!
From : USA
Division : NDS GAMES
Original entry : YES
Support Motion : NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : NO
Description: A Balloon based tower of defense game for the DS. In this game, you must prevent the different types of balloons from reaching the end of the road. Place your units on the sides of roads to defend. Angling is key! 50 Waves to win the game(on that difficulty). Game controls and more info inside the game itself.

BassAceGold's MPC Music Lib (allowing me to play music made with his app)
Salz` for doing the wonderful gfx.
(I was unable to put the credits screen ingame due to ram limitations)

Note: Hard mode is not available until you've played easy/medium at least once when the game resets.

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