Teamsushi has posted an entry in the Neoflash Coding Contest:

Nickname: HardHat / teamsushi
Project name: TimeTrainer
From: Canada
Division: PSP APP
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Well, after submitting Sushi Rubik to NeoFlash last spring, I got a couple of requests for a tool that would be useful to speed cubists. It could also help cup stacking enthuasists too. The nature of speed cubing is to mix a cube and then time how long it takes to solve it, after inspecting the cube.

In competitions, they do 5 cube trials and exclude the best and worst time, then take the average. For training though, the recommended practice is to do 12 trials, exclude the best and worst time, then show the average. Over time, you hopefully get better.

This tool allows you to track all of the time for a cup stacker or speed cubist, and record the results into a file.

- generate random cube mix with 25 moves, mathematically proven to generate any possible cube configuration
- easy to use cube timing buttons
- show 12 most recent times on an on screen
- show average of the 12 most recent times excluding best and worst
- all times available in a scrollable history
- save current 12 solve history to a file for later review
- remove mistake solve times from the history a "pop" feature
- redo time of any solve in the history

Read the readme file for all of the details, or follow the online prompts. The most important thing is to press both triggers to start (or restart) the timer, and any arrow on the d-pad to stop
Change log:
Version 0.6
- added graphing
- updated splash screen

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