Ian Michael has ported the great 2D scrolling shooter SDL Fighter over to the Dreamcast, heres his newspost in full:[br][br] Game similar to NC-Fighter, but it uses SDL. It has features like scrolling background, music (7 tracks), bonus items, animated explosions, 2 types of weapons and 4 enemies (including 2 bosses). Speed needs to be optmized. [br][br]Game uses following libraries:[br]- SDL (libsdl.org)[br]- SDL_mixer[br][br]SDL DC-Fighter Version Dreamcast Port of SDL-Fighter 2d scrolling Shooter with power ups and 5 stages. Game is fully ported meaning all controls are dreamcast controler converted. Game was not hard to port but i thought worthy to port it has every basic function of a good shooter game and the engine can be edited pretty easy. It's a good example of a shooter engine.[br][br][br]Game uses following libraries for Dreamcast: [br]- SDL (libsdl.org) [br]- SDL_mixer[br]- Kos-1-1-9 [br]- GCC 3.04[br][br]Controls are [br]*(left and right trigger) let you turn up or turn down the SFX and music. [br]* Start button lets you start the game again once you have died. [br]* Up down left right is the dreamcast dpad kos controls. [br]* (A) button = fire your cannon [br]* (B) Button = Change your weapon to *EG* Rockets [br]* (Y) Button = Help menu and credits screen you press it to click it off and to get the other menus 1 time for the help menu 2nd time for the scrollying credits 4th time to get back to the game. So at this stage fully ported to Dreamcast. [br][br]Download at the SDl Fighter Page