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Thread: Ultimate PSPTube 2.0 WIP News

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    psp Ultimate PSPTube 2.0 WIP News

    JK108 posted this WIP News for the video streaming app for PSP:

    As for Ultimate PSPTube 2.0, I have fixed most of the bugs but I've also had to remove a few things because they did not work unfortunately... I had to remove the high quality option for YouTube because they removed all the fmt=6 format videos . I also had to remove TNAFlix because they're videos now actually crash the PSP and I also had to remove Shufuni because they have used some new security on their video URL and the search results don't work properly either. Sorry about all the things I've had to remove, I will try and make a few scripts to compensate and I may try and release it this weekend.

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    Default a simple request

    i was wondering if you put on eat lime and a place to watch movies, read comments. also if theres a way to use the links. Thanks it would be much appreciated. Also im a big fan of your work, if its way to much forget it
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