Gael360 released an update of wxHdd(info) (a tool to read the Xbox 360 HDD on PC) and wxPirs (to tool to open Generic Xbox 360 Container files).

What's new/fixed on wxHdd since v1.0 (translated from french):
* Experimental support for memory cards (v1.0.1)
* Fixed some bugs (v1.0.1)
* Handling fragmentation of disc (v1.2)
* Opening of several partitions (v1.2)
* Extracting directories (v1.2)
* Instant/Direct opening of files (v1.2)
* Note: wxHdd does not have a feature to 'add files' (write on HD/Image) yet.

Gael360 also released a new tool called wxPirs v1.1:

This tool will allow you to open files of the following types: PIRS, LIVE or CON, which are generic container files on the Xbox360.
More info about this format is available on

These 3 formats are identical, the only difference are the first 4 characters of the file (PIRS/LIVE/CON), which is where their names come from, and what they are used for:
* PIRS: used to store themes or gamertags for example
* LIVE: used to store content downloaded from Xbox LIVE
* CON: these are a bit special, they are the only ones of this format that are create by the Xbox 360 itself. They are used to store saved games.

v1.1 comes with some bug fixes.