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What with the XBLA release of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram (M.S.B.S. 5.66) looming, some Japanese players have had to do the inevitable; mod Saturn and Dreamcast sticks to work on the 360. This is possible down to the leaked button configs that use the face buttons and d-pad as the stick base (as per the setup seen in Virtual On Marz and the more recent SEGA AGES port). The only difference here is that the sticks have to be hacked up more to fit in all the extra 360 pad functionality (such as the central guide button and Live headset stuff).

Seeing modded Saturn twinsticks is unfortunate but bearable (as I own a pair already for the PlayStation 2 ports) but the Dreamcast stick hackery is actually heartbreaking. These were beautiful peripherals that afforded pin-point precision on a near perfect port. Seeing them butchered like this is like watching an apprentice at plastic surgery practice on your mother's face.

SEGA for the love of God, release an official pair of twinsticks before more innocent Dreamcast peripherals are needlessly sacrificed!