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Thread: Mad Dog McCree Ushering In Laserdisc Games For The Wii?

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    Rev Mad Dog McCree Ushering In Laserdisc Games For The Wii?

    Looks like publisher Majesco may be bringing 1990's laserdisc western shooter Mad Dog McCree to the Wii, according to a listing from online rental service GameFly. Why would we consider that a good thing?

    While we have no particular attachment to the decades old light gun shooter, already released on multiple formats by publisher Digital Leisure, the fact that Mad Dog McCree is getting a proper Wii port from a licensed Wii publisher is exciting. While still rumored, it could also mean Wii ports of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, games currently relegated to Digital Leisure's DVD-ROM and Blu-ray Java formats.

    Digital Leisure says its newer Blu-ray titles don't have the annoying pauses that have made previous iterations far less fun, but we'd like a straight up console version nonetheless.

    While Mad Dog McCree requires twitch gameplay, as opposed to some laserdisc games' rote level memorization, we hope that it wouldn't be the last of the laserdisc-era arcade games to get the Wii treatment. Any old, animated arcade classics you'd like to see?

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    Awesome. This was one of the better laserdisc games.

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