Frogster continues to throw all the gameplay they can possibly find into Runes of Magic, introducing a suspiciously kart-like horse racing mini-game, complete with mystery power-ups.

The Wind-Runner Race is an 8-person horse race that players sign up for in the city of Varanas in the game world. Once the race card is full the race begins, with players avoiding magical traps on their way towards the finish line. Just like many popular kart racing titles, players can help themselves and hinder their foes by picking up any of 8 different horse powers, represented on the field by question mark icons. Boost your speed, slow down an opponent, or trap them in a web...all's fair when in game currency is on the line. You can see a brief video of a race in action at the game's official site.

It just amazes me how much stuff Frogster is tossing into Runes of Magic. I eagerly await the announcement of an in-game FPS archery mini-game in the near future.