Wired recently talked with Nintendo president Reggie FIls-Aime and the upcoming DSi was obviously a focal point of the conversation. More specifically, when quizzed about the DSi Shop and potential DSiWare that will populate its virtual shelves, Reggie wanted to stress that Nintendo will be focusing on quality titles, and not an overabundance of games and apps, like one might see on the iPhone.

Reggie rather smartly compares the emphasis on quality over quantity to that of a film festival and YouTube. He says Nintendo will focus on "high-class content done by knowledgeable developers," instead of the "YouTube approach of everything under the sun that is difficult for the consumer to navigate through."

He also says that the company will be granting third parties licenses to develop DSiWare and titles should be available around six weeks after the DSi's launch. But, he stresses that these companies need to create experiences unique to the platform and not available anywhere else, so don't expect a DSi version of SSFIITHDR or anything.