Tantric and co have released a new version of the Game Boy/Game Boy Advance Emulator for Wii/GameCube on his website:

A Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance emulator based on VBA-M, ported to the Wii and GameCube. The code is a continuation of Softdev and emu_kidid's efforts, and uses libogc and devkitppc.

Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic, and Gamecube controller support
SRAM and State saving
IPS/UPS/PPF patch support
Custom controller configurations
SD, USB, DVD, SMB, GC Memory Card, Zip, and 7z support
Compatiblity based on VBA-M r847
MEM2 ROM Storage for fast access
Auto frame skip for those core heavy games
Turbo speed, video zooming, widescreen, and unfiltered video options

[What's New 1.0.8 - April 4, 2009]
* "Match Wii Game" controls option! Games that have a Wii equivalent can be
played using the controls for that Wii game. For example all Zelda games
can be played with Twilight Princess controls. See the Instructions section
below for important details.
* Rotation/Tilt sensor games all work
* Solar sensors (Boktai 1/2/3)
* Rumble (except for games that rely on Gameboy Player)
* Keyboard
* PAL support, finally!
* New scaling options, choose how much stretching you want
* Colourised games now partially work but still have distortion
* "Corvette" no longer has a screwed up palette (but still crashes)
* Triggers net reconnection on SMB failure
* Source code refactored, and project file added
* Instructions section added to this readme file

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