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Thread: Koller attacks Nintendo for ignoring consumers

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    NDS Koller attacks Nintendo for ignoring consumers

    Sony's John Koller has launched an attack on Nintendo's latest handheld device, suggesting the DSi brings nothing new to the games market and ignores consumer needs

    He also claimed that third-party publishers struggle to release successful software on the platform.

    "If Nintendo is really committed to reaching a broader, more diverse audience of gamers beyond the 'kids' market that they've always engaged, there isn't much new with the DSi to support that," said Koller in a statement to Engadget.

    "Significant gamer demographic groups are being ignored, and there continues to be limited opportunities for games from external publishers to do well on the DSi.

    Unsurprisingly, Koller believes that Sony's PSP is a platform capable reaching wider audiences, and providing more consumer choice.

    "Compare that with the PSP platform, where we have many blockbuster franchises from our publishing partners launching this year, representing a wide variety of genres and targeting diverse demographics."

    Koller cited a number of third-party and first-party releases planned for this year, as well as digital content via the PlayStation Store, as the company makes a renewed effort to push the PSP in 2009. has confirmed that the statement from John Koller is genuine.

    The DSi went on sale in Europe last Friday, with retailers expecting strong sales following exceptional pre-order interest.

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