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Thread: Nintendo talks core, third parties, and DSi

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    NDS Nintendo talks core, third parties, and DSi

    During a recent interview with Gamasutra, Nintendo's Denise Kaigler spoke about a slew of subjects sensitive to the Nintendo loyal. Core gaming, third-party support, and the new DSi were just a few of the subjects Kaigler touched on. In regards to the core, Kaigler says that developing games for that audience is important for "everybody, the industry, certainly for Nintendo, but most of all, for consumers." She points to Zelda: Spirit Tracks as a game for that audience.

    Moving on to third-party support, we're starting to see more and more third parties recognize Nintendo's platforms. Kaigler says that being able to offer that 150 million user base between the two systems is very enticing to those developers. But, she notes that Nintendo wants to impart its own success on the platform and show these developers how it has achieved success (see: characters with floating, circular hands in everything), which might tie into those poor sales figures for the recent original, mature games MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill.

    Finally, no interview with a Nintendo exec can skip the company's latest handheld, the Nintendo DSi. Some folks (especially commenters on Joystiq) have felt the handheld doesn't improve enough over the DS Lite, especially for the price it's demanding. Kaigler, however, argues that the new handheld has plenty to offer, pointing out the DSi's popularity on Amazon and at GameStop through pre-order figures, as well as the one feature that we think too many people are overlooking: DSiWare.

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    *sigh* Why yes, thanks Denise for pointing out only one "core"(not in my book) game. I'm sure that nobody else is getting sick of this over-cartoony, sad, seven year old looking shell of a character that used to be awesome.

    Helping third-party developers achieve success? Great idea Denise! I can't think of anything the Wii needs more right now than somebody telling companies, that are at least trying to pump out mature games, to make the game to where you only have to shake the remote for about two hours before being presented with a "You win!!!" screen.

    Popularity on Amazon and at GameStop through pre-order figures shows that the DSi has plenty to offer? That's such a huge leap in logic that my brain is hurting trying to decipher just how one shows the other. It couldn't possibly be because most of the people that ordered it are parents that know jack squat about gaming devices and ordered it because their young kids want one because it's new and shiny. DSiWare? Oh goody! I can't wait to be barraged by about 30 games, most of which involve taking a horrible resolution picture of myself and posting it on top of some mangled Mii-like-character, just to find about 2 games that are actually worth playing. WiiWare has very few titles worth playing, why would we expect anything different from DSiWare. Oh yeah! There will be good DSiWare! All those GBA games that people got rid of when they sold their DS/DS-lite can now be conveniently downloaded for a fee. Nothing anyone with an IQ over 1 enjoys more than to buy something twice!

    Well, I guess you do have that going for you Denise, there is no shortage of really stupid consumers.

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