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Market research specialist GfK-ChartTrack's told us that DSi shifted 92,000 units in its first two days on sale.

The portable became the fourth fastest-selling console in UK history in the process, and moved more units than all of the other gaming platforms combined over Friday and Saturday, said GfK-ChartTrack's Chris Poole.

DSi senior product manager James Honeywell reacted to the early sales figure by telling our friends at Official Nintendo Magazine: "We are pleased with the initial performance of DSi over its first two days.

"However, a launch is just the beginning and we will continue to work hard throughout the year to try and maintain this positive start for the platform. We were also pleased to see DS Lite maintained strong sales during DSi launch and that people see that both consoles have something to offer them."

The news comes on the back of strongly worded comments from SCEA director of hardware marketing, John Koller, who criticised Nintendo for ignoring "significant gamer demographic groups" by releasing another product supposedly just for kids.