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Thread: Klonoa Wii-Make Slides Into Stores In May

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    Rev Klonoa Wii-Make Slides Into Stores In May

    Dream travelers can return to Phantomile on May 5, that’s the day Namco Bandai releases Klonoa on the Wii. Vibrant graphics, motion control moves, and a boss rush mode makes this an upgrade over the ten year old PsOne game. “We were able to really create Klonoa’s world as we imagined it for the original version. It was nice to be able to bring a more fantastic three-dimensional world to life, especially the water transparency, the sunlight and shadow of the trees,” Hideo Yoshizawa, Director of Klonoa, elaborates.

    New for the North American version is a nunchuck shaking whirlwind move that slows enemies. Don’t like motion control? Klonoa also supports the Classic Controller, Gamecube pad, and a lone Wii remote held NES style.

    Just like Japan, Namco Bandai is not selling Klonoa as a full price Wii game. When Klonoa comes out here it will retail for $39.99.

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    i loved the klonoa on the playstation consoles so it will intresting to see what they do with it on the wii

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