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Thread: DSi, a cool hardware update

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    NDS DSi, a cool hardware update

    News via sceners

    As some many webpages have said, the new Nintendo DSi (what stands for that “i”, intelligent, inmature? lol) has finally be released in Europe (why are we the latest in getting some things?) with huge and great updates on their hardware, stuff that was needed and that some users wanted.
    I am talking about the redimensions, the cameras, the music player, and of course the bigger screens, (without having in mind the software update) a cool improvement for just 20eur more than the Lite version. Well, it is not a bad deal. (Considering that they are already flashcards that work for it such as the Acekard 2i)
    Even though, they have also deleted some stuff that people will miss; such as the GBA slot, but that effect is reduced having in mind the DSi Shop, the DSi Ware (with that points to spend) and other features.
    According to Chart-Track suscription emails, on his debut, DSi has gone far away from every single other console on the UK, and most probably on most of the other European countries.
    On the Sony side, they have started attacking it without any consideration, saying that “Significant gamer demographic groups are being ignored, and there continues to be limited opportunities for games from external publishers to do well on the DSi.” and promising new game titles for PSP and so on.
    Well, it’s cool to see new games, but is this what PlayStation needs to do to compete against Nintendo? Without reaching the fact of the piracy-available, maybe that PSP Hardware revision (with cool things now, please.) might be interesting, considering how’s going the market at the moment.

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    Hopefully, with it finally being available everywhere, the good ol' hackers/devs will get to work on allowing you to run homebrew from the sd card

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    I'm so syked to get this and start hackzing
    I don't go on here much anymore. Find me on GBAtemp.

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    DSi is an ideal entrypoint for someone who for some strange reason does not yet have a DS.

    The Nintendo faithful, who have been with the big N's portables since 1989, should stick with the DS they have for the time being, unless something utterly miraculous happens with DSi.

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    I am currently developing a team of coders to work on a Nintendo DSi Homebrew channel, for the Nintendo DSi. Our goal is to provide DSi users the capability to download 3rd party software into their console free of charge. If you would like to help please send me an email back.
    Kyler Loudermilk

    PS. We will have donations open to earn some money
    We also need beta testers!

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