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Thread: Rockman Rockman (Megaman Powered Up) - PSP

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    Default Rockman Rockman (Megaman Powered Up) - PSP

    News from Lik Sang

    After the recent remake success of Megaman Maverick Hunter X on PSP, Capcom have brought back another classic in the almost 20 year old series, this time the very first Megaman game. Absolutely jam packed with features, to begin with you can choose to play in classic or new style mode, offering the best of both worlds. Each with 3D graphics, classic mode stays true to the original's gameplay, while the new style has different level layouts, plus two entirely new levels and bosses themselves, Oil Man and Time Man.

    Then what fans will surely go crazy over is that you can build your own levels, and what's more share them online! Capcom also added cinematics and a proper narrative to the title, and remixed music. Far from being stuck in your robo-suit, you now have the ability to actually play as bosses after defeating them, and the Megaman Challenge Mode puts a fresh objective into all the levels. Don't let the cutesy big heads fool you, "Rockman Rockman" is still as tough as nails, and due in stock later this week.

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    You forgot to mention that you'll be able to download content for this game too.
    There are 3 new features: Charge Shot(Megaman couldn't charge in this game), Slide(Megaman couldn't slide in this game) and play as Roll using a broomstick as weapon(no vacuum/cd launcher buster, as seen on the 80's cartoon).

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