Nintendo has officially announced (via GameTrailers) an ... interesting looking ... multiplayer mode for upcoming Wii game, Punch-Out!! Hidden after a full minute of the Punch-Out!! trailer we've already seen is the entirely new minute, containing news of not only the modestly named "Head-to-Head" mode but also "Giga Mac" (pictured above).

Gleaning what we can from the trailer, we're wont to believe that the large version of Little Mac is a direct product of well-placed punches filling up a "super" meter next to each players respective health bars. Nintendo clearly wants us to know the appearance of "Giga Mac" isn't a game ender for multiplayer, though, as even in the video (after the break) Little Mac prevails against his gargantuan twin. We're looking forward to finding out even more about Punch-Out!! when it arrives on May 18.