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Thread: Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)

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    Smile Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)

    Success HK have posted the latest PSP accessory to hit the streets:

    Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)

    Price:USD 74.99

    Product Features of Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)
    Supports Compact Flash Cards or Microdrives on Sony PSP
    Supports Memory Sticks without unplugging the device (pass-through)
    Supports flash cards and drives with up to 4.0GB
    Available color: Black, White

    More Description of Compact Flash Adapter (Neo2in1)
    Use Compact Flash Cards on your Sony PSP. Allows you to effectively use larger and cheaper CF cards. Also allows you to plug in a Memory Stick (even older outdated larger sizes) using its pass-through port, hence the 2in1 product name.

    Buy yours at Success HK

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    Default yea i got one....too bad it....

    yea i got one....too bad it didnt work! I got one from lik-sang because this web site recommened it! THERE WAS A LITTLE TEAR from the unit to the cable that prevented it from reading my memory card! i just sent it back and wasted another $6 just to ship it back...F$#@ this company is in china (not the wrestler u perv) its going to be another month before i can use it. ill give u guys a review later but heres an advance "the duo slot feels loose and is difficult to remove the memory stick because one cant get a grip on the memory card"

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