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Clarification of the use of this application
Let's create a situation shall we?

Under NORMAL circumstances

1. I create an account for the US PlayStation Store.
2. I create an account for the EUROPE PlayStation Store.
3. I see "Patapon 2" available on the EU PlayStation Store.
4. However, I have already bought things on the US PlayStation Store.

To buy and play "Patapon 2 (EU)", I would have to do the following.

1. Connect to US PlayStation Store.
2. Deactivate system for GAME content.
3. Delete account on PSP and login with the EU account.
4. Activate system for "Patapon 2".
5. Play games.

To switch back, I would have to reverse the above process and end up limited again to my US games.

The above process would waste a LOT of time due to:
A - Requires WiFi access.
B - The length of the process.
C - Would be terribly confusing during multi-region situations.

Now, with PSN License Manager 0.17, you can remove all the hassle.

This is some little project that just makes life so much easier.

For people who buy PSN games from many regions.

This allows people who buy PSN games from many regions without being forced to activate and deactivate their PSPs again and again just to switch from one game to another.

It can do the following:

Backup your PSN license.
Restore your PSN license.
Delete the backup license on the memory stick.
Toggle USB Mass Storage.

Licenses can only be used on ONE PSP so don't think this is a piracy helper.

TESTED ON 5.00M33-6
LEDA Installed.
1.50 Kernel Not Installed - However, it shouldn't be a conflict as it runs in 5.XX kernel.

Please read readme before installing and use at your own risk.

Some more little functions may be added in the future.

Minor update:

--Added some information before files are written.
--Toggle USB Added to allow direct access to memory stick immediately after backup without exiting to the XMB.

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