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Thread: Magic Maze & Monster World Online

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    Default Magic Maze & Monster World Online

    Hi! I've managed to recover some data from my broken hard drive.
    Now I can tell you about the two LUA projects I was working on months ago.
    You'll need LUA player for both of them.

    Magicmaze - v0.2
    - Addition of the title/menu
    - New icon for LUA browser
    - Large code optimization
    - The treasure cannot any more appear on an occupied box
    - The pawn which begins the game is selected randomly
    - Winner's display at the end

    Monster World (Online?) - v0.1
    For now, it's just a test for making a good engine for a platform game.
    The sprites comes from Wonderboy: the dragon's trap.
    You can walk through the town with the human hero.

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