burnerO posted this news:

This may be a tad late, but I've only recently taken to Linux. I was reading a discussion about Selfboot Inducer running under Wine and I thought it worth a shot. I had the best luck getting console apps working, so please gracefully accept this as is.

Be forewarned, this is a bash script and doesn't feature a gui. It is very straightforward to use though and generates nrg images compatible with NeroLINUX. I'm sure most of the Linux snobs will scoff at my not using CDRecord, but it doesn't work in conjunction with my drive under Linux.

Install Wine/NeroLINUX
Extract the sbilinux archive
Save SBI files to the sbi directory
Ensure sbilinux is executable
Execute sbilinux and add your roms when prompted

Assuming everything goes as planned, inducer.nrg will be created in the working directory and can be burned using NeroLINUX.

I need to stress the BETA aspect of this. Please submit feedback so that I may improve it.

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