Newly released today:

A grudge spawned 400 years ago manifests itself as a massacre in a secluded village. With the culprit disappearing, the case was left unsolved until 20 years later, when a series of related murders happened. Yatsu Hakamura is one of the most difficult cases Kindaichi has ever solved.

Talk with the illustrious characters for hints and clues, pick up keywords along your explorations, trigger reactions from the witnesses and related personnel for different reactions, throw them off balance to uncover the secrets they may be hiding. Besides solving the case along the main story, alternate reality plots are also included for gamers who want to do some original detective work.

The game comes with the exploration mode which allows you to store news entries, family or relationship charts and game history so you may refer to them as you proceed. Train your brain or take a break with the fun mini-games as well.