Liquid Jin has released his new project for the PSP, heres the info:

This is my first LUA project. It was inspired by a forum post dedicated to creating a suitable virtual keyboard for the PSP. Liquid8e, showcased an attempt at using the analog stick to speed things up which created a pretty good discussion on alternative ways to use the analog. This really got the wheels turning in my head. That night on my way home for work I designed LITEspeed on paper. Only later did I discover the marvelous work that is TTLDE - ema we are lucky to have such a talented and disciplined programmer in our midst. Over the weekend, I studied the TTLDE script files and learned how to use LUA to develop OO solutions. Then I ported my original work over to an OSK plugin and voila - version 1.0 is here. Enjoy.

Known Bugs:
#1 - CRASH - Switching from LITEspeed to another OSK and then back to LITEspeed causes TTLDE to crash because it has problems getting access to the logo image.

Screenshots and download via comments