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Thread: new to ps2 homebrew

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    Default new to ps2 homebrew

    i have some experience with the whole psp homebrew scene and i own a ps2 but just now am finding out that there is homebrew for it. I am right that this is only possible if you have the hard drive for the ps2 or is there other ways to do this.Also, if its possible without a hd what are some good homebrew apps, games. Help is appreciated, thanks

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    It is possible without HD, depends on the apps. I have Beats of Rage, Snes Station, PGen and the Neo-Geo CD Emulator burned on CD and I'm using it with a modded PS2. It might be possible to get those run without a mod-chip, too.
    Some of the other stuff might be a bit difficult to use, I have read something about SMS (some sort of media player) but I didn't understand quite what needs to be done. Other than the programms I mentioned, there doesn't seem that much worth to use, most of the emulators are pretty unfinished. The 3 I mentioned are decent, but there's a lot room for improvement.

    I suggest you head over here
    and take a look at the forums for specific questions.

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