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    Default Jafe's Hike

    Hardhat has another game on his site, heres the info:

    <blockquote>Welcome to Jafe's Hike where you become Jafe, and need to catch butterflies but avoid the bee sting and gopher bites. Well, for this version you only get to catch butterflies. I'll add the bee and the gopher later.


    Just copy the psp folder onto your PSP. I've got a 2.6 PSP so I use the GTA Beta exploit by Fanjita to run it. I don't know if you have to do anything special to make it run on 1.5 PSP, but if you're running 1.5 I feel confident that you can figure it out.

    1. If you're using a recent PSP-OS (2.01 - 2.6), currently you need to buy Grand Theft Auto: Libery City Stories, make a game save with the end of the first section (I downloaded a 100% complete game save from one of the portals). Note that there are three versions of GTA: US, EU and German, so find or make a gamesave for the version that you run.

    2. Download the latest eloader -->

    and follow the readme in it.

    3. Try Penguin Scramble -- at least it seems to be the easiest homebrew to get working. "Ready Go!" :-P

    4. Start GTA. Let it run for a few seconds of clock time (10 seconds is enough maybe). Load a saved game. Choose the Fanjita save game. Choose Jafes Hike from the eLoader menu. If all is well, the intro screen will display. I have about a 1 in 6 success rate getting to this point.


    This version does not include sound. Despite the fact that Penguin Scramble is full of sounds, I haven't manage to get any of the pspsdk examples to work and I haven't managed to get the mp3 player library to do anything but crash. It could just be the flakey ETA Beta. So for this version you can bounce (with "X"), catch butterflies (with square), turn on/off the targeting rectangle (with triangle) move left and right (with the arrows), and control the number of butterflies (with up and down arrows).

    Butterflies are attracted to Jafe's hair. But can get distracted when they come close. To get the lingering ones, run away, and they'll run straight to you.


    Programming: HardHat
    Sound efx: missing
    Music: the Super Mini Mario programmer (Arguru) says that with 2.6 you can't have multiple sound tracks mixed together yet.
    Photography: HardHat
    Model: Jafe

    Shot on location in various places. </blockquote>

    Screenshot and download via comments

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    Default A Big Thank You From Vettacossx

    hey a new and very original game thanks for your contribution and hard work dcemu is "The Site For PSP NEWS PERIOD." thank you all for making my psp better mad props too wraggster for keeping us in the know,.. mad props to ditlew and finjita for eloading on the go!! and mad props to all you amazing coders: edison carters cheat device for gta,wraggter ,meamt11,and psmonkey for keeping the faith and for the best quote ever!!!!
    ( Faith is what leads to creation. creation leads to an ideals success. so pray to the coders monkey god for n64 emulation!!!
    pspdev or ps2dev team for there hard work thank you and psp setx is gr8 thanks alot lot for that one boy with homebrew like this and changing everyday it makes that little difference in life a bit of the possitive teamwork side of people if everyone worked together this well in the government ill bet we would not have all this negative around us mad love for the hb community AND IM SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE...A BIG THANK YOU TO ANY AND ALL CODERS OUT THERE, KEEP UP THE CREATIVE IDEAS AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK....

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