Hardhat has yet another release called Jumping Jack:

<blockquote>Jumping Jack By HardHat

version 0.1

Life is all about getting home, at the end of a long shift as a construction worker. Unfortunately, the even though the bell has run, the crane elevator is busted. So poor Jack has to run all the way down to the ground floor.

Watch out for the holes in the girders. They'll get you every time. Double jumps are timing. Triple jumps are skill. ;-)

Based on a game idea "JumpingJack" by Anthony Godshall from the book "Compute!'s First Book of TI Games".

Sound effects by www.meanrabbit.com.

Included is the install folder for PSP (2.0+ or 1.0 -- if you use 1.5 you'll need to add a % folder, I'd guess)

Also included is a Win32 folder for Windows users out there. You'll need to gather up all of the .WAV and .BMP files into the same directory to get it to work as well as SDL.dll and SDL_mixer.dll. It should compile cleanly for pretty well any SDL + SDL_mixer system.

Download via comments