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Thread: Katamari PSP gold, could mark series' finale

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    Default Katamari PSP gold, could mark series' finale

    Source Joystiq

    Namco has confirmed that Me & My Katamari has gone gold, ensuring that the game is on target to roll onto PSPs March 21. If you're a fan of the series, you best treasure this portable sequel. It could be the last.

    Me & My Katamari producer Toshiya Hara didn't leave much hope for the future of Katamari. "The core concept of the Katamari series was complete from the first game... The PSP version was made basically so that the game could be... played on the go. So for now, this is where we wrap it up," Hara stated bluntly. Can you imagine if Neversoft had said that after the third Tony Hawk game?

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    If only neversoft had taken that route.

    But in reality, this is not new news. Toshiya Hara has made it clear from the start he hates sequels and everything about the game industry, so to see even 3 Katamari games is a miracle. I wouldn't even be surprised if he didn't make another game ever again.

    That's just how a genius like him works.

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    Thats RIGHT! I forgot all about this amazing game coming to the psp! Oh wow this is definetly the most anticipated game for me by far. To play this on the go is everything I always wanted to do. Hopefully they did a good job getting the controls right since theres only one joystick. This will probably be the next game I buy, last one I braught was back in November for GTA and Socom.

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    what do you think of firmware 3.oo

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