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Thread: Eloader v0.96 "Bière d'Alsace" Released

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    Thumbs up Eloader v0.96 "Bière d'Alsace" Released

    Fanjita and Ditlew have released a new version of their Eloader for PSP Consoles with a firmware of V2.0 and higher - up to v2.6 - heres what Fanjita posted on his site

    <blockquote>I'm proud to present the latest eLoader release - version 0.96, codenamed "Bière d'Alsace". The main focus of this release was to improve the configuration model, so that we have lots more flexibility for sorting out configuration problems. As well, we added a few features to spice things up. Here are the main highlights:
    Full support for infra-red (for GTA-mode only).
    Lots of extra configuration parameters, including GTA-only and TIFF-only options.
    USB support in the menu (TIFF-mode only).
    Use O as well as X to select in the menu.
    Use Square to get EBOOT IDs from the menu.
    Most corrupted menu icons now fixed.
    GTA autoload option in installer.
    We did a lot of testing on this release, and it seems to be more stable than Brown Ale, but there's always a chance that some things will be less stable. You can read the latest README file here.

    We've also taken the opportunity of this release to update the 'working homebrew' list. All the information in there is now accurate, as far as we know, but please let us know if you think anything is wrong. </blockquote>

    Download via comments and also be sure to use our Eloader forums

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    heres the readme

    This program builds on the work done by Saotome to load homebrew ebOOT.PBPs into PSPs with v2.0 firmware, using the TIFF exploit, or on v2.01, 2.5 and 2.6 using the GTA exploit.

    It currently cannot run all known homebrew, but it uses a number of tricks
    to get substantially further than ever before. Known limitations are:

    - Can't run kernel-mode applications.
    - That means anything that uses wi-fi or USB access, or emulates iSOs/UMDs.
    - Some minor system calls are still unsupported.

    It's also still very much in development, so you should expect a few bugs,
    and for not every EBOOT to run perfectly. An up-to-date list of known working EBOOTs can be found at the official website.

    Major new features in this release:
    - Automatic installer for Windows users
    - Stable support for all v2.0+ firmwares
    - More available memory for applications
    - Lots of bug fixes
    Major new working EBOOTs:
    - PSP-GBA emulator
    - Many many many for GTA users.
    This patch fixes up the following issues with the original Brown Ale release:
    - Apparently corrupted savegames with the automated installer
    - Stability of the TIFF loader
    - Removed most crashes with L+R+START
    - Replaced the 'beta' icons
    - Improved the editability of the file paths
    To install:
    The recommended way to install is to use the new installer for Windows-based PCs. This is 'eloader095.exe'. Just connect your PSP to the PC, then double-click this file, and follow the instructions to install the loader to your memory stick. Note that this will overwrite any existing copy of the eLoader 0.95 beta release, but will not interfere with any other version of the EBOOT Loader.

    Alternatively, if you don't have a Windows PC, you can extract the files from the package manually:

    - Extract all the files into the root folder (e.g. "F:\") of your memory
    stick. You need these files to be in the right place:
    \psp\photo\Wifi Loader 095\loader2.tiff
    \psp\photo\Wifi Loader 095\ready.png
    \psp\photo\eLoader 095\aaa.gif
    \psp\photo\eLoader 095\run_095.tif
    Installing Homebrew:
    - Copy the homebrew you want to run to your memory stick. Usually, this
    means unzipping a directory that contains an EBOOT.PBP file to somewhere
    under \PSP\GAME\. The exact location and folder name usually doesn't matter, but for best compatibility you should try to use the same names as
    originally shown in the homebrew ZIP file. If the instructions with the homebrew contain separate steps for v1.0 and v1.5 firmwares, then usually you'll get best results by following the v1.0 instructions.
    NOTE: If the homebrew is written in LUA, you need to copy it to a subdirectory under the your LUA Player "APPLICATIONS" folder.
    The method for running eLoader itself depends on which version of the PSP firmware you have installed. Refer to the appropriate section below:

    Running eLoader : v2.0 PSPs
    - Make sure you have a custom wallpaper set. Any image will do.
    - Use the PSP's built-in photo viewer to open the "EBOOT loader 09" folder, this will cause the loader to start. If your PSP hangs at this point, then try the following:
    - check your firmware version. This loader is for v2.0 ONLY.
    - check that you have the loader files in the correct place (see above)
    - turn your PSP completely off, then back on again. The loader works best on a freshly-rebooted PSP.
    - try setting a custom background - some people have reported that it works better if you use a custom wallpaper (any image).
    - try 'touching' the TIF image file : see 'fixing up the file times' below.

    Running eLoader : v2.01+ PSPs
    - Load up the GTA game from the UMD.
    - Open the menu with 'START', then select 'Load Game'.
    - Select the eLoader icon from the list of saved games. Confirm that you want to discard current progress.
    - The eLoader should start after a few seconds.

    Using eLoader's default menu:
    - The loader displays a list of files in \PSP\GAME. Use the up and down
    buttons to change the current selection (highlighted in red), and X to
    open an EBOOT.PBP file or browse into a folder. NOTE: To load LUA applications, you need to run LUA Player first, which will launch Lowser and let you browse to open the application.
    - Once you select an EBOOT.PBP to load, after a few moments, the loader will either display an error message, or give you the option to run the application.
    - To exit the application, you need to reboot your PSP. The loader contains in-built support for rebooting, by holding the Left Trigger, Right Trigger and START buttons together for 1 second. If this doesn't work, then you can also reboot by removing the battery, or holding the power switch for at least 10 seconds. Note that sometimes after a software reboot, the loader will hang if you try to run it again. This seems to be much rarer if you enter USB mode briefly, before running the loader again.

    Using multiple versions of EBOOT loader
    Occasionally, some EBOOTs work better with older versions of the loader.
    In v0.9.5, for example, it looks like TerraIncognita is broken, but this works fine on 0.9.Also, LUA can be very unpredictable, working in some loader versions for some people, and other versions for others.
    From 0.8 onwards, the loader uses version numbers in the filenames, so that
    you can run multiple versions side-by-side. After installing v0.9.5, you can continue to use any previously-installed versions of the loader, if you have problems with your favourite EBOOTs.

    Using the EBOOT loader to run wifi applications (v2.0 PSPs -ONLY-)

    Because Wifi applications normally need kernel-mode to operate, you need to use a special workaround to load them with the EBOOT loader. You need to have set up a working wifi connection in the usual way before you can use wifi homebrew - if you can use the v2.0 web browser, then you're set.
    - Go to the PHOTO menu on your PSP, open the 'wifibackground.png' file, and set it as your PSP's wallpaper.
    - Completely reboot your PSP, by holding the power button for 10 seconds until it powers off. Then switch it back on again.
    - Go straight to the PHOTO menu, and open the 'Wifi Loader' folder.
    - You'll see an image that says 'wifi loader ready', plus another that says 'Corrupted Data'. If your PSP hasn't frozen at this point, then the wifi loader has been successfully started, as a background process.
    - Now exit the PHOTO menu, and go all the way to the left, and then the bottom, to the 'Network Settings' menu.
    - Select this menu to get a choice of 'Ad Hoc' or 'Infrastructure'. Choose
    - Select the connection to use. Note that you won't be able to select a different connection within the homebrew (any change of connection is ignored by the EBOOT loader), so highlight the appropriate one now.
    - Press Triangle for connection options, and select 'Test Connection'
    - The wifi light should come on, and your PSP connects to the network.
    - Once the statistics for the connection are shown, the connection is stable and ready to use. Now press and hold LTrigger+RTrigger+SELECT for a few seconds. The screen will flicker for a moment, and then the EBOOT loader menu will start.
    - Now the EBOOT loader is ready to use, with full wi-fi support.
    Using a different menu
    v0.9.5 of the loader ships with a default menu, loadmenu095.pbp. You can also download an optional menu, called 'Choice', from this location:
    The loader will use the loadmenu095.pbp menu by default. If you want to use
    one of the alternatives, then edit the loadmenu095.cfg file (with Notepad, or
    any other text editor), and change the following line:

    menu=ms0:/psp/photo/choice/choice.pbp (or wherever you placed Choice, if it is in a different location).


    If you have problems with an individual EBOOT getting to the "Press X to
    launch the program" screen, but crashing immediately after, here are a
    few things to try:
    - Check whether it is already on the list of non-working EBOOTs at
    - Make sure you are trying to run it as the first thing you do after a
    clean reboot of your PSP
    - Use v1.0 EBOOTs in preference to v1.5.
    - Make sure that you read any README supplied with the homebrew, and followed the installation instructions (for v1.0, preferably) carefully.
    - Make sure that any support files (e.g. WAV files, graphics files) contained in the ZIP file are copied into the same place on the memory stick, relative to the EBOOT file.
    - Experiment with the launcher options in the configuration file. (see below)
    - When starting the EBOOT loader, try pressing the "down" button very quickly immediately after pressing "X" to open the 'EBOOT loader' photo folder. This can help the stability of some apps.
    - If you see a message during the loading process, saying "Found suspicious hard path", then this means the loader detected that the application depends upon being in a specific location on the memory stick. Usually the path will mention a specific file - try moving the application folder so that the file is in the place shown. If you find that one of these steps helps, then please send me details on what you did to make the EBOOT work - I can build the workarounds automatically into the next version of the loader.

    NOTE: If the EBOOT loader aborted the process before reaching the "press X"
    screen, then don't bother trying these steps - there's no way that EBOOT
    will currently work, but please remember to send the details of the error
    message to me, so that I can attempt to change the code to make it work.

    Fixing up the file times:
    If you have problems with the PSP freezing as soon as you open the PHOTO
    folder, or even if it just starts the EBOOT loader as soon as you open the
    PHOTO folder, and you want to be able to view photos normally, then you can
    use the enclosed TOUCH.EXE file to help out:
    - Copy touch.exe to the \psp\photo\ folder on your memory stick.
    - Open a windows command prompt (click "Start", "Run...", and enter "cmd"
    in the box that comes up).
    - In the command prompt, enter these commands:
    > F: (replace 'F' with the drive letter of your memory stick)
    > cd "\psp\photo\eboot loader 095"
    > ..\touch run_095.tif

    Configuration File:
    v0.8.5 and beyond of the loader support configuration via a file, /psp/eloader/LOADER095.CFG. See inside the file for basic details on what the various options do. For most purposes, the defaults should be sufficient.
    If you want to try to tweak the options for a specific EBOOT, here are some

    - Each EBOOT has a special signature that identifies it to the EBOOT loader.
    To find out the signature, use the bundled Windows program
    "EBOOT_SIGNATURE.EXE". This will tell you the name you need to use for the
    config file section header for the EBOOT.

    - The following options are the most common ones to change to make a specific
    EBOOT work. Often, changing one of these (more-or-less at random) will fix
    the more sensitive EBOOTs such as USER_LUA. Try changing these one at a time,
    in this order, for best results.

    - passparameters : this is the same as the old 'press Square for
    alternate parameters' option.
    - confirm
    - callinit : this is the same as the old 'press L-Trigger' option
    - clearscreen
    - initbssfull
    - initbsspartial

    - If you want to suppress screen-spam during loading of a known-good EBOOT,
    you can try changing these options. You may find that the EBOOT stops
    working after changing an option - if so, just change it back.

    - confirm : displays the 'press X to start' menu
    - unknownNIDwarning : warns you if some system calls requested by the
    EBOOT couldn't be identified.
    - patchkernelwarning : warns you if the EBOOT is kernel-mode. For some
    EBOOTs, this doesn't matter.
    - ignorefixedpath : warns you if the EBOOT contains a suspicious-
    looking filename, that implies it might need to be
    run from a fixed location on the memory stick.

    If you find some new configuration parameters that work well for a specific
    EBOOT, please email me at, or make a post on the EBOOT
    loader forums at

    Future plans:

    Please see the "Work In Progress" page at

    Please let me know if you test and can confirm compatibility of other EBOOTs.

    If you find an EBOOT that doesn't work, then please email me at

    with details of:
    - the name of the EBOOT that failed, and where to get it from
    - the last message that was displayed on the PSP screen
    - your firmware version, and PSP region (US, EU, JP).

    NOTE: Kernel-mode support is currently not possible on v2.0+ firmware, until
    someone finds a way to access the kernel memory space.

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    They've done it again. Thank you Fanjita & Ditlew.

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    Thanks fanjita and ditlew for beating sony. Youre better than buttons.

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    Default re:

    I see it says theres full support for infra red now, does this mean programs like the IR commander should work with 2.5/2.6 now?? Hows everyone getting on with this new eloader then, waiting for other ppl to try it before i do!

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    I have 2.6,and I cant get either IR commander to work nor PSP Universle remote.IR Commander even has my Tv on the default list a "Panisonic" yet still nothing...any help would be great thanks.By the way,THANK YOU Fanjita and Ditlew!!!Keep Up The Awesome work!!!!

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    fanj/dit: how much memory do i have to sacrifice for the loader and other stuff? got no 2.x psp so i can't test it myself ...

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    Bière d'Alsace - sounds thick...

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    Ha Ha Bière d'Alsace quel drole de nom. Je vous paye une mousse

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    great to see a new release. Mucho Thanks to Fanjita & Ditlew, i look forward to trying this out!

    Hope we'll see a "Spitfire" or "London Pride" release in the future! Man i do *love* my ales, in all forms

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